Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)

TEC is an acronym for the Office of Classroom Support’s technology-enhanced classroom. The Office of Classroom Support has guidelines for standard TEC podiums.

Classrooms with the TEC configuration contain

  • The campus classroom standard: a TEC podium in Woodward (Not shown: data projector and screen)
  • a wooden podium with accessible work surfaces
  • an adjustable stool with back and footrest
  • a networked computer with CD player
  • a document camera (projects images of documents, pictures, and even objects)
  • laptop connections
  • a DVD/VCR player
  • a ceiling-mounted projector
  • a display screen
  • sound projection
  • a built-in Crestron component-control touch panel
  • an intercom which connects directly to Classroom Support staff

Over 200 TEC podiums have been installed since the spring of 2005.

TECs are reserved, like all other classrooms, through the Office of the Registrar. Your departmental office staff should be your contact for reserving a classroom. For information about classroom availability check the UNC Charlotte online calendar.