Video Technology Communications oversees interactive television classes at UNC Charlotte. The same technology that allows for interactive television classes enables departments to schedule meetings with remote locations. It also allows instructors to add depth and quality to their classes by allowing them to bring in experts in their field. Additionally, faculty members now also possess the ability to lecture to unlimited sites without the inconvenience of traveling to remote locations.

For more detailed information regarding available network technologies, available facilities and equipment, or to schedule a conference or class, please contact Natasha Stracener via email or via phone:  704‑687‑1080.

If you need to make a video conferencing request, click here.

Facilities and Equipment

Video Technology Communications currently oversees the operation and scheduling of three interactive classrooms on campus: Atkins Library 143, Fretwell 126, and McEniry 111. All interactive television classes are assigned dedicated operators to oversee all technical aspects of each event. Our goal is to make video conferencing technology as transparent as possible so that instructors, students, and conference participants are free to teach, collaborate, and learn without the hassle of operating network equipment or monitoring video and audio signals.

Network Technology

Video Technology Communications primarily provides video conferencing and Distance Learning connectivity to the University through the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NC-REN). Additionally, we are also able to connect with facilities around the world using various conferencing protocols.